A Little Story about us and the Catabella Express

We are a family owned business. The train was proudly named after two little girls, Catalina and Bella, the Catabella Express because they were the inspiration to this new venture.
We are on a constant battle and struggle with work and the time we spend with our kids. Working way too many hours, we will get home exhausted and missing out on the milestones of our children. Recently we decided to dedicate time and effort into this business that involves bringing smiles to the children, including the ones of our own family.
We invested in this beautiful trackless train, to be able to rent at events such as parties, schools, fundraisers, carnivals, etc. kids love riding on the train. Figured we can spend more time as a family, since kids love dressing up like superheroes, princesses, characters, etc. why not bring the train and the entertainment along and enjoy doing my job without feeling bad for not seeing my family.
We also are getting involved and giving back to the community. That is why we specifically customized the train to have ADA access to be able to take along children and adults who on a normal train cannot ride because of their wheelchair. We are coming to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, churches, and non-profit organizations, as everyone should have the opportunity to ride the Catabella Express.
To a happy train ride!

Carlos & Ingrid